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Made for more

Virtual Retreats

Fill Out Our Virtual Retreats Request Form Below!

Welcome to the Made for More virtual retreats page! We acknowledge that not all supporters can attend our organized retreats, yet may still be interested in our offerings. This form serves as an avenue for your convenience.

Whether you have a scheduled vacation, a girls trip, a solo wellness weekend, or are simply seeking a special experience with friends, we are eager to contribute. Kindly fill out the form to indicate how you would like us to participate in your unique event.

Additionally, personalized packages are available upon request for bachelorettes, birthdays, honeymoons, and other special occasions!

Virtual Retreat Request

Please fill out the following form so our team can gain a better understanding on how to help you!

How many attendees are you expecting?
Which offering(s) are you interesed in?

Thanks for submitting!

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